Tidalstar Vineyard

Planted in 1999, this 30-acre vineyard is positioned against the western edge of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA, a sub-appellation of Oregon’s renowned Willamette Valley. This beautiful growing site is farmed using only organic and biodynamic practices. With nutrient-rich maritime soils, its elevation and east facing slope provides cool winds at night and a morning sun for slow, deliberate grape growth. Looking southeast, across the Willamette Valley, these vines catch the first morning sun over the Cascades and the first evening breezes off the Pacific.



Great Circle Icon Appellation: Yamhill-Carlton AVA
Viticulture: Biodynamic, Organic
Certifications: LIVE, Salmon Safe
Growing Degree Days: 2416
Growing Season Temperatues: High 71.8° F, Low 46.6° F
Growing Season Rainfall: 13.03"