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Proper Motion

Yamhill-Carlton | Pinot Noir

Proper Motion is a barrel-select blend of Pinot Noir from Tidalstar Vineyard, named after an astrological measurement of a star’s movement just as we too must observe changes in a universe that is in constant transition.

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Shy Horizon

Yamhill-Carlton | Pinot Noir

Shy Horizon is an elegant blend of Pinot Noir from Tidalstar Vineyard. Its name describes the first moment of sunrise when these vines see the sun, just as winemaking is about being attuned to change in order to generate unique and true expressions of the land.

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Great Circle

Yamhill-Carlton | Pinot Noir

Great Circle is a careful blend of Pinot Noir reflecting Tidalstar Vineyard and what it gives each vintage. Its name is symbolic of the interconnectedness of the cycles of life and the interplay between sun and soil, wind and water, geology and chemistry that we navigate.

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Lost Corner

Yamhill-Carlton | Chardonnay

Lost Corner is sourced from the only blocks of Tidalstar Vineyard planted with Chardonnay. The limited acreage, we focus our winemaking on the nuances of each vintage and create a wine that is terroir-driven and truly unique to the vintage and vineyard.

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